donnersdark 20230615 @ palais xtra

melt s1
alanas chosnau & mark reeder - i wonder
kontravoid - silent visions (skeleton hands remix)
cave - mortal boy
buzz kull - the garden (ft modern heaven)
rome - wir goetter der stadt
raskolnikov - faut pas faire chier albert roche
denner - low life
fearing - carried away
this cold night - holding on
nation of language - tournament
angst4 - schwarz weiß
under the skin - wave
tifaret - lara
bootblacks - parallel
talk to her - hollow
melting palms - abyss (blind delon remix)

melt s2
festering wounds - dry my eyes
electrosexual - hot on the heels of love (ft hanin elias)
death loves veronica - the sinner
parralox - blind vision
slavering - fatigue
je taime - give me more kohl
hanging gardens - corps vides
fiasko leitmotiv - unsterblichkeit der krabbe
raskolnikov - fall colours
a love like ours - pale youth
this eternal decay - away
jusqua la mort - palissade
inmost desire - kalte nacht
dead vibrations - prayers for rain
israel regardie - fragile lovers
eté 97 - far away

melt s3
keep on driving baby - tifaret
closed mouth - decide
leather strip - decay
noromakina - shadows
new order - here to stay (felix da houscat)
boy harsher - la
adam tristar - submission
desire - dancing plague
japan suicide - this be the verse
then comes silence - strangers
holygram - modern cults (blind delon remix)
virgin prunes - love lasts forever
4 beat grace - existence
human tetris - here comes the rain again
karen marks - cold café