HerbstZeitLosen @ Provi 01.07.2017

Vyllies - Souls  with  Doors
Malaria - Kaltes  Klares  Wasser
Fad  Gadget - Life  On  The  Line
Lederer - Loving  Feeling
OBM - Feel
Rotschild - Nosferatu
Psyche - Land  of  Broken  Promises
Tying  Tiffany - Lone  Boy
Heaven  17 - Let  me  go
Sara  Noxx - She
Human  League - Darkness
Opposition - Little  Glory
Raimondo  P


Elements - A  Wonderful  Night  For  An  Evening  Skeletons

Puressence - Near  Distance
U2 - A  Sort  of  Homecoming
Simple  Minds - Big  Sleep
Cure - Pictures  of  You
Placebo - One  of  a  Kind
Kim  Wilde - Cambodia
Editors - All  Sparks
Interpol - Not  Even  Jail
Elefant - Sunlight  Makes  Me  Paranoid
She  Wants  Revenge Red  Flags  and  Long  Nights - Desperate  Journalist Hollow
Slowdive - Star  Rowing
O.  Children  - Ruins
Sonic  Jesus - No  WayAirborne  Toxic  Event - Sometime  Around  Midnight
Boxer  Rebellion - Diamonds
I  AM  X - Kiss  and  Swallow
ASCII  Disko  - Strassen
Q-­‐Lazarus - Goodbye  Horses
Joy  Division - Love  Will  Tear  Us  Apart
Killing  Joke - Love  Like  Blood
Heroes  del  Silencio - Entre  dos  Tierras
Cult - Rain
Boytronic - Luna  Square
De/Vision - Dinner  Without  Grace
Depeche  Mode - Never  Let  Me  Down
Beloved - Sweet  Harmony
Soft  Cell - Tainted  Love
Bronski  Beat - Small  Town  Boy
Bright  Future - Mit  Dir
New  Order - Crystal
Monaco - What  do  you  want  from  me?
Raimondo  P

Ammer  &  Console - Dann  ist  elektronische  Musik  an  meinem  Ohr  (feat.  Reinhard  Furrer)

Future  Hologram - Valentine
Vincent  Nuit - City  Light  (Parrot  to  the  Moon  Remix)
Schonwald - Austral
Zwlua  Aptl - Divided
Hante. - Winter  Dreams
Funeral  Door - Night  Stalker
Buzz  Kull - Dreams
Moth - Mourning  Dew
Frozen  Ducks - Beginnings
Parade  Ground - Moans
Misfortunes - Verfremdung
Arnaud  Lazlaud - Les  Invisibles
Light  Asylum - Dark  Allies
Japan  Suicide - This  be  the  verseParrot  to  the  Moon - Interstate
Cure - Charlotte  Sometimes
Xtrabreit - Polizisten
Fehlfarben - Paul  ist  tot
Depeche  Mode - Strange  Love
Björk - Violently  Happy
James - Five  O
Carpenters - Time
Holygram - Still There
Siouxsie  and  the  Banshees - Cities  in  Dust
Bauhaus - She's  in  Parties
Christian  Death - Romeos'  Distress
Virgin  Prunes - Pagan  Love  Song
Blancmange - Blind  Vision
Human  League - Don't  you  want  me
Cure - Lovecats
Vive  la  Fête - Noir  Desir
Raimondo  P

Dancing  Plague  of  1518 - No  Drive
Traitrs - Whitch  Trails
Dangerfield - Melting  Candle
Ist  Ist - Strangers
Julee  Cruise - Falling