HerbstZeitLosen @ Provi 08.10.2016

JHG  Shark
Love  And  Rockets - Holiday  On  The  Moon
Jesus  And  Mary  Chain - Just  Like  Honey
New  Order - Your  Silent  Face
Iggy  Pop - Nightclubbing
Cure - Cold
Simple  Minds - Premonition
Fad  Gadget - Ladyshave  
Bodanegra  feat.  Rio  Black - Seide
Depeche  Mode - Precious
Peter  Heppner - Meine  Welt
Girl  &  The  Robot - I  Will  Always  Be  With  You
Herwig  Mitteregger - Immer  mehr
Henric  de  la  Cour - Chasing  Dark
Click  Click - I  Rage  I  Melt
Front  242 - Least  Inkling
Borghesia - No  Hope,  No  Fear
Skinny  Puppy - Smothered  Hope
Nitzer  Ebb - Getting  Closer
Tribantura - Lack  Of  Sense
Pankow - Kunst  und  Wahnsinn
Ministry - We  Believe
Calva  Y  Nada - Leben
À;Grumh - Drama  In  The  Subway
Front  Line  Assembly - Body  Count
Tommi  Stumpff - Massaker  
Dreadful  Shadows - Homeless
IAMX - After  Every  Party  I  Die
Raimondo  P

Yes  I'm  Very  Tired  Now - Love  Peace  Romance
Parrot  To  The  Moon - Interstate
Stephan  Eicher - La  Pièce
Depeche  Mode - Blasphemous  Rumours
Classix  Nouveaux - Never  Never  Comes
Davos - Illuminate
Wolfsheim - The  Sparrows  And  The  Nightingales
Liebe - The  Distance
New  Order - True  Faith
Kavinsky - Nightcall  (Dustin  N'Guyen  Remix)
Bright  Future - With  You  2.0
JHG  Shark
Simple  Minds - New  Gold  Dream  (81-­‐82-­‐83-­‐84)  (German  12"  Remix)
Killing  Joke - Love  Like  Blood
Siouxsie  &  The  Banshees - Hall  Of  Mirror
Cure - One  Hundred  Years
U2 - The  Unforgettable  Fire
Stranglers - Peaches
Joy  Division - She's  Lost  Control
She  Past  Away - Katarsis
Exploding  Boy - Here  Comes  The  Rain
Shadowplay - Out  Of  Control
Date  At  Midnight - Cold  Modern  World
Editors - Bones
In  Letter  Form - Terror  (Is  A  State  Of  Mind)
Autobahn - Society
A  Projection - Another  Face
Bloc  Party - Helicopter  (Whitey  Version)
She  Wants  Revenge - I  Don't  Wanna  Fall  In  Love
She  Past  Away - Ritüel
Light  Asylum - Dark  Allies
Sinéad  O'Connor - Troy
Sweet  Ermengarde - A  Promise  To  Fulfill
Exploding  Boy - Heart  Of  Glass
Tempers - Hell  Hotline
Editors - Lullaby
Cure - Push
Shock  Therapy - Hate  Is  A  4-­‐Letter  Word  
Al   Gone  Dead - Within  But  Not  Before
Blood  Dance - Walk  the  Night
Raimondo  P

Placebo - This  Picture
Organ - Brother
Ash  Code - I  Can't  Escape  Myself
Sisters  of  Mercy - Nine  While  Nine
There  Comes  Silence - Strangers
Blouse - Time  Travel
Parade  Ground - Moans
Rosetta  Stone - An  Eye  For  A  Main  Chance
Contre  Jour - Into  the  Light
Covenant - Der  Leiermann
VNV  Nation - Perpetual
Kirlian  Camera - Eclipse
Silicon  Scientist - Lost  City
Q  Lazzarus - Goodbye  Horses
Bleib  Modern - Hurt
Rebentisch - Kindertotenlied
Soviet  Soviet - Ecstasy
Horror  Vacui - In  Darkness  You  Wil   Feel  Alright
Joy  Disaster - Artemis
Raimondo  P

Frustration - I  Can't  Forget  You
Sound - Fire
Sisterhood - Giving  Ground
Raimondo  P

Delerium - Prophecy
Kiss  the  Anus  Of  A  Black  Cat
Livingston - Human
Raimondo  P

UV  Pop - No  Songs  Tomorrow