HerbstZeitLosen @ Provi 09.06.2018

Raimondo  P
Sample - Welcome  and  enjoy
Get  Your  Gun - Joy  of  recognition
Parrot  to  the  Moon - Doors
Dancing  Plague - Flannery
L'An2000 - Post  Vitam
R  Missing - Kelly  was  A  Philistine
Drab  Majesty - Too  soon  to  tell
Requin  Chagrin - Mauvais  Présage
Montag - Pieces
Fishbach - Mortel
Metric - Artificial  nocturne
Stephan  Eicher - Two  people  in  a  room
Nordland - Keep  it  away
Depeche  Mode - But  not  tonight
Seance - Room
Rosetta  Stone - An  eye  for  the  main  change
She  Wants  Revenge - Written  in  blood
Dreadful  Shadows - Homeless
Ash  Code - Want
Hapax - Untitled  heart
She  Past  Away - Kasvetli  Kutlama
IKON - The  echo  of  silence
Chants  of  Maldoror - We  stand  alone
Himmel  über  Berlin - Sweet  dancing  butterfly
Beyond  the  Wall  of  Sleep - Pale
Horror  Vacui - In  darkness  you  wil   feel  alright
Stil   Patient - Mascara  Osiris
Silent  EM - Dreams  of  pleasure
Neurotic  Fish - Velocity
Skinny  Puppy - Far  too  frail
à;Grumh.. - Edito
Virgin  Prunes - Pagan  love  song
Christian  Death - Romeo's  Distress
Bauhaus - 3  Shadows
Israel  Regardie - Fragile  lovers
Holygram - Still  there
Raimondo  P
Exploding  Boy - The  Day
Starcontrol - Rooms  with  no  view
Dangerfields - Melting  candle
Soviet  X-­‐Ray  Record  Club - Weekend
Actors - Slave
Then  Comes  Silence - Strangers
Cult - She  sells  sanctuary
Asylum  Party - Pure  Joy  in  My  Heart
Lobby - Collapse
Ritual  Veil - Favorite  Toy
A  Projection - No  Light
Killing  Joke - Love  Like  Blood
Bauhaus - Kick  in  the  Eye
Joy  Division - Love  Will  Tear  us  Apart
Sisters  of  Mercy - First  and  Last  and  Always
Cure - The  Hanging  Garden
Siouxsie  &  the  Banshees - Cities  in  Dust
Soft  Cell - The  HeatSkinny  Puppy - Assimilate
Nena  +  Eminem - Nur  geträumt  vs.  Lose  yourself  (Bastard)
Camouflage - Love  is  a  Shield
Depeche  Mode - Enjoy  the  Silence
Orgy - Blue  Monday
New  Order - True  Faith
Indochine - L'Aventure
Psyche - Unveiling  the  Secret
Front  242 - Masterhit
Smashing  Pumpkins - Disarm
Acid  Pauli - I  see  a  dark(er)ness
A  Place  to  Bury  Strangers - Dissolved
Hermann - Plakat
Simple  Minds - Speed  your  Love  to  me
Normal - Warm  Leatherette
Nitzer  Ebb - Let  Your  Body  Learn
Alien  Sex  Fiend - Dead  +  Buried
Exploited - God  Save  the  Queen
Raimondo  P
Silent  EM - The  Hunt
The  Purge - Only  Black
Luminance - Last  Stand
Automelodi - Metropole  Sous  La  Pluie
Boytronic - You
Linear  Movement - The  Game
Yazoo - Nobody's  Diary
Crimer - Brotherlove
Covenant - Call  the  Ships  to  Port
Light  Asylum - Dark  Allies
Solar  Fake - More  Than  This
dAvos - Illuminate
VNV  Nation - Dark  Angel
OMD - Enola  Gay
Ultravox - Dancing  With  Tears  in  my  Eyes
King - Love  and  Pride
Raimondo  P
A  Flock  of  Seaguls - I  Ran
B-­‐Movie - Nowhere  Girl
Robert  Palmer - Johnny  and  Mary
Smiths - How  Soon  is  Now
Sisters  of  Mercy - Alice
Raimondo  P
Of  Montreal  feat  the  Lost  Trees - The  Past  is  a  grotesque  Animal
Parrot  to  the  Moon - Interstate