HerbstZeitLosen @ Provi 09.12.2017

! 15  Jahre  Herbstzeitlosen  09.12.2017 !

Miss  Kittin - Pollution  Of  The  Mind
Visage - The  Damned  Don‘t  Cry
Ultravox - Dancing  With  Tears  In  My  Eyes
New  Order - Blue  Monday
And  One - Get  You  Closer
DAF - Verschwende  Deine  Jugend
Nitzer  Ebb - Let  Your  Body  Learn
Krupps - Volle  Kraft  voraus  /  Goldfinger
Fad  Gadget - Ricky‘s  Hand
Depeche  Mode - Puppets
OMD - Electricity
VNV  Nation - Beloved
The  B-­‐52's - Planet  Claire
Sonic  Youth - Schizophrenia
Placebo - Taste  In  Men
New  Order - Leave  Me  Alone
The  Radio  Dept. - Where  Damage  Isn't  Already  Done
Siouxsie  &  the  Banshees - Hall  of  Mirrors
The  Bollock  Brothers - Faith  Healer
The  Chameleons - Up  The  Down  Escalator
End - Adrift
Archive - Kings  Of  Speed
Raimondo  P
Chromatics - Lady
Music  For  Pleasure - Time
SS  Say - Care
Sine  City - In  the  Night  I  Call  Your  Name
Silicon  Scientist - Lost  City
Death  Comes  Crawling - I  Would  Spread  My  Wings  So  Wide
Kirlian  Camera  (feat.  Covenant) - Sky  Collapse
Crimer - Brotherlove
Parrot  to  the  Moon - Interstate
Kavinsky - Nightcall  (Dustin  N'Guyen  Remix)
LIGHT  ASYLUM - Dark  Allies
Frankie  Goes  to  Hollywood - Power  of  Love
ASCI.Disko - Strassen
Propaganda - Dr.  Mabuse
Anne  Clark - Our  Darkness
Front  242 - No  Shuffle
Skinny  Puppy - Assimilate
Calva  Y  Nada - Rascheln
Das  Ich - Gottes  Tod
JHG  Shark
Jesus  &  Mary  Chain - Al   Things  Pass
Schonwald - Austral
Ono  Scream - Gone  Too  Far
Supernova  1006 - Through  Me
Foreign  Resort - Alone
A  Projection - Breach
Supreme  Soul - My  Last  Kiss
She  Wants  Revenge - Red  Flag  And  Lonely  Nights
Editors - Bones
She  Pleasures  Herself - Dance  With  Her
In  Letter  Form - Terror  (Is  A  State  Of  Mind)
Whispering  Sons - Wall
Soviet  Soviet - Fairy  Tale
Bloc  Party - Helicopter  (Whitey  Version)
Apoptygma  Berzerk - Electronic  Warfare
Covenant - Dead  Stars
Front  242 - Welcome  To  Paradise
Rammstein - Engel
Andreas  Dorau - Fred  vom  Jupiter
Indochine - L‘Aventurier
Boy  Kill  Boy - On  My  Own
Joy  Division - Love  Wil   Tear  Us  Apart
Cure - Inbetween  Days
Placebo - Every  You  Every  Me
Editors - Munich
Interpol - Slow  Hands
The  XX - On  Hold
David  Bowie - Ashes  To  Ashes
Fingerprintz - Wet  Job
Minimal  Compact - Nil  Nil
Joy  Division - Heart  And  Soul
DAF - Der  Räuber  Und  Der  Prinz
Liaisons  Dangereuses - Los  Niños  del  Parque  
Paralisis  Permanente - Unidos
Pixies - Isla  De  Encanta
The  Cramps - Goo  Goo  Muck
The  Cure - A  Forest
The  White  Lies - To  Lose  My  Life
Echoboy - Don't  Destroy  Me
Raimondo  P
U2  - Unforgettable  Fire
THIS  GREY  CITY - In  Between  Now  and  Now
Principe  Valiente - Night
Beauty  of  Gemina - Rumours
ASYLUM  PARTY - Pure  Joy  In  My  Heart
Cure - Boys  Don't  Cry
Frustration - I  Can't  Forget  You
PLACEBO - This  Picture
Of  Montrreal  (feat.  Lost  Trees) - The  Past  is  A  Grotesque  Animal
Virgin  Prunes - Caucasian  Walk
Paul  Young - Come  Back  And  Stay
Bright  Future - With  You
De/Vision - Dinner  Without  Grace
Depeche  Mode - Photographic
Sarah  Noxx - SHE
And  Also  The  Trees - Shaletown
Vyllies  - Whispers  in  the  Shadow
The  Wedding  Present - Come  Play  With  Me
Raimondo  P
Nine  Inch  Nails - Closer
Daisy  Chainsaw - Hope  Your  Dreams  Come  True
Raimondo  P
Simple  Minds - New  Gold  Dream
The  Young  Gods - L'amourir
The  God  Machine - In  Bad  Dreams
Raimondo  P
Julee  Cruise - Falling  (Twin  Peaks  Theme)