HerbstZeitLosen @ Provi 10.12.2016

Cinematic  Orchestra - Arrival  of  the  Birds  &  Transformation
Raimondo  P
Sara  Jaffre - The  Way  Sound  Leaves  a  Room
Portishead - SOS
Dead  Can  Dance - Opium
Moral - Whispering  Sons
UV  Pop - No  Song  Tomorrow
Suicide - Keep  your  Dreams
Shapeshifter - Song  of  Dreams
Virgin  Prunes - I  am  God
Future  Hologram - Valentine
OLMS - Too  Much  to  Care
Devine  Noire - Desert  Walk
Malaria - Kaltes  Klares  Wasser
Nordland - Green  Eyes
New  Model  Army - Green  +  Grey
Mission - Butterfly On A Wheel
Cure - Figurehead
Sisters  of  Mercy - Marian
Bolshoi - Happy  Boy
Icon - Echo  of  Silence
Cult - Rain
Dreadfull Shadows - Homeless
Christian  Death - Figurative  Theatre
Rosetta  Stone - An  Eye  for  a  Main  Chance
Neon  Judgement - Never  Change
She  Wants  Revenge - Written  in  Blood
Raimondo  P
Interpol - PDA
Chromatics - Lady
Dream  Affair - Porter
Yes  I'm  very  tired  now - Love  Peace  Romance
College - Fantasy  Parc
Opale - Sleepless
Depeche  Mode - Enjoy  the  Silence
New  Order - True  Faith
Parrot  to  the  Moon - Interstate
Silicon  Scientist - Lost  City
Liebe - Distance
Davos - Illuminate
Solar  Fake - More  than  This
Frozen  Plasma - Foolish  Dreams
VNV  Nation - Rubicon
Light  Asylum - Dark  Allies
I  am  the  Shadow - Nothing  More  to  See
Holygram - Still  there
Hapax - Vitriol
X  Mal  Deutschland - Orient
A  Projection - Exit
In  Letter  Form - Terror
Joy  Division - Love  Will Tear  us  Apart
Ivy's  Void - (We  are  the  Children  of  the  )  Future  Catacombs
Fair  Sex - No  Excuse
Shock  Therapy - Hate  is  just  a  four  Letter  Word
Tuxedomoon - No  Tears
Bauhaus - In  the  flat  field
Nine  Inch  Nails - Copy  of  a  Copy
Dave  Gahan - Kingdom
Mechanical  Cabaret - See  her  smile
Yazoo - Nobody's  diary
Depeche  Mode - Never  Let  me  down
Bronski  Beat - Small  Town  Boy
Kim  Wilde - Keep  me  hanging  on
Dead  or  Alive - You  Spin  me  round
Soft  Cell - Heat
Raimondo  P
David  Bowie - Ashes  to  Ashes
U2 - Unforgettable  Fire
Cure - Lovesong
Trisomie21 - Last  Song
Stephan  Eicher - Sweetheart
Bright  Future - With  you
Agent  Side  Grinder - Live  in  Advance  (Jacques  C  Remix)
S.P.O.C.K. - Never  trust  a  Klingon
Covenant - Dead  Stars
Boytronic - You  Spin  me  round
Acid  Pauli  vs.  Johnny  Cash - Darkness
Sweet  Ermengarde - A  Promise  to  Fullfil
Placebo - Bitter  End
Preoccupations - Continental  Shelf
Antiflux - The  Haze
Depeche  Mode - Stripped
I  AM  X - Your  Joy  is  my  Low
Manson - Sweet  Dreams
Kim  Wilde - Cambodia
Joy  Disaster - Artemis
Joachim  Witt - Goldener  Reiter
Virgin  Prunes - Pagan  Lovesong
Cramps - Human  Fly
Berurier  Noir - Command  Pernod
Muse - Undisclosed  Desire
And  Also  The  Trees - Shaletown
Christian  Death - Believers  of  the  Unpure
Q  Lazarus - Goodbye  Horses
Depeche  Mode - Strange  Love
Raimondo  P
Frankie  Goes  to  Hollywood - Power  of  Love
Virgin  Prunes - Our  Love  Will  Last  Forever
Raimondo  P
Wham - Last  Christmas