HerbstZeitLosen @ Provi 24.03.2018

Raimondo  P
Moby - Mere  Anarchy
Spirit  Valley - Waiting  for  Real
Elan  Vital - Dreams
Vincenct  Nuit - City  lights
Fishbach - Mortel
Boy  Harsher - Motion
La  Scaltra - Cantate
Ray  Creature - Blame  Free
Dancing  Plague - Hesitation
Slow  Riot - Burn  in  the  City
Sonic  Jesus  - Dead  Man
Eye  Steal - Ordinary  Girl
Strangeland - Tristesse
Yes  I'm  very  tired  now - Waiting  
Vainerz - Try  to  be
Fixmer  McCarthy - Banging
Obscenety  Trial - Never  Too  Late
Robert  Görl - Mit  dir
Selofan - Romance
Bonadeg - Fallen
Placebo  - Drag
She  Wants  Revenge - Broken  Girl
Simple  Minds - Theme  for  Great  Cities
The  Young  Gods - Skin  Flowers
Orgy - Blue  Monday
Neon  Judgement - Awful  Day
P.I.L. - This  is  not  a  Lovesong
Alien  Sex  Fiend - I  Walk  The  Line
Sisters  of  Mercy - Nine  While  Nine
Rosetta  Stone - An  Eye  for  the  Main  Chance
Virgin  Prunes - Baby  Turns  Blue
Tones  on  Tail - Christian  Says
The  Cure - Charlotte  Sometimes
Death  In  June - The  Calling
A  Split  Second - The  Colosseum  Crash
Die  Form - Savage  Logic
Nitzer  Ebb - Hearts  and  Minds
Talla  2XLC - Robotiko  Rejekto
Invincible  Spirit - Showdown
Bigod  20 - The  Bog
Depeche  Mode - It's  no  good
Frank  Tovey - Lady  Shave
Marilyn  Manson - Sweet  Dreams
Raimondo  P

Interpol - Not  Even  Jail

Starcontrol - Rooms  With  No  View
Talk  to  Her - Zodiac
Pale  Youth - A  Love  Like  Ours
Soviet  X-­‐Ray - Weekend
THIS  GREY  CITY - Between  Now  and  Now
ACTORS - Slave
Whispering  Sons - Time
Primitive  Lips - Movement
In  Letter  Form - Terror  is  a  State  of  Mind
Joy  Division - Love  wil   tear  us  apart
Cramps - Human  Fly
Fluch - Werwolf
Virgin  Prunes - Caucasion  Walk
She  Past  Away - Ritual
Assemblage  23 - Disappoint
Ascii Disko - Strassen
And  also  the  Trees - Shaletown
Light  Asylum - Dark  Allies
Bruderschaft - Falling
Covenant - Dead  Stars
S.P.O.C.K. - Never  Trust  a  Klingon
Profil - Berühren
Trans-­‐X - Living  on  Video
The  Clash - Guns  of  Brixton
Joy  Division - Means  to  an  End
Siouxsie  and  the  Banshees - Cities  In  Dust
Nine  Inch  Nails - Dead  Souls
Shock  Therapy - Hate  is  a  4-­‐Letter  word
Skinny  Puppy - Worlock
Project  Pitchfork - Requiem
Apoptygma  Berzerk - Love  Never  Dies
And  One - Metalhammer
Rammstein - Wollt  ihr  das  Bett  in  Flammen  sehen?
Wumpscut - Is  it  you
Invincible  Spirit - Contact
Nitzer  Ebb  vs.  Krupps - Machineries  of  Joy
Front  242 - Headhunter
Duran  Duran - Wild  Boys
Séance - Blue  Dolphin  Blue
Moskva  TV - Generator  7/8
Missing - Song
Acid  Pauli - Darkness
Raimondo  P

Trisomie21 - Il  se  Noie  (version  Side  by  Side)