HerbstZeitLosen @ Provi 25.03.2017

Ssleeping  Desiress - A  Voice
Baby  Guns - New  Hope  for  the  Dead
Gertrud - Wasting  my  Time
Public  Memory - Ecco
Exitmusic - The  Cold
Opale - Les  Champs  Magnétiques
Ssleeping  Desiress - Impasse
Silver  Swans - Secrets
A  Grave  With  No  Name - Aurora
Asylum  Party - La  Rivière
Lebanon  Hanover - Schwarzenegger  Tears
Anika - He  Hit  Me
Mol y  Nilssion - The  Power  Ballad
Kleerup&Niki&The  Dove - Rock  U
Anna  von  Hautwolf - Funeral  For  My  Future  Children
Nicole  Sabouné - Bleeding  Faster
King  Dude  &  Chelsea  Wolfe - be  free
Raimondo  P

Klimt  1918 - Unemployed  &  Dreamrunner

XX - A  Violent  Noise
Depeche  Mode - Going  Backwrds
A  Projection - Transition
Covenant - Dies  Irae
Mobile  Homes - Community
Kraftwerk - Radioactivity
Future  Hologram - Valentine
Nouvelle  Phénomène - Au  Fond  de  mon  coeur
Crimer - Brotherlove
Parrot  to  the  Moon - Interstate
Yes  I'm  very  tired  now - Love  Peace  Romance
Mercury  Rev - Little  Rhymes (isch  super  xii)
Holygram - Still  There
Soviet  Soviet - EcstacyBloc  Party - Banquet
Motorama - Anchor
Interpol - Say  Hello  To  The  Angels
Smiths - Charming  Man
IAMX - After  Every  Party  I  Die
Nine  Inch  Nails - Hurt
Cure - Disintegration
She  Wants  Revenge - She  Will  Allways  Be  A  Broken  Girl
Sisters  Of  Mercy - Alice
She  Past  Away - Kasvetli  Kutlama
Shock  Therapy - Hate  Is  Just  A  Four  Letter  Word
Psyche - Goodbye  Horses
Nightmare Fortress - No  Exit
Bestial Mouths - Faceless
Ari Mason - Empires
Boy Harsher - Pain
Ash Code - I  can’t  Escape  Myself
Codes - Journeys  End
Dear Strange - Hysteria
Detachments - Audio  Video
Second Sight - Leash
M!R!M - Liebe  Machen
Buzz Kull - Static  Glow
Silent Signals - Waiting  for  Reaction  
Psyche - The  Saint  Became  a  Lush  (Radical.  G  Rework)
Martial Canterel - Who  will  Remain
Raimondo  P

Traitrs - Witch  Trials
Chameleons - Don't  Fall
Clan  Of  Xymox - Cry  in  the  Wind
Blessing  in  Disguise - Like  Purpoises
Principe  Valiente - Strangers  (New  Canyon  Remix)
There  Comes  Silence - Strangers
Crystal  Night - Feel   The  Pain
Asylum  Party - Pure  Joy  In  My  Heart
Party - This  Picture
Killers - Shadowplay??
Joy  Division - Love  Will  Tear  Us  Apart
Cure - Boys  don't  cry
Frustration - I  can't  forget  you
Organ - Brother
Boxer  Rebel ion - Diamonds
Light  Asylum - Dark  Allies
Acid  Pauli - I  See  Darkness
Dead  Skeletons - Kunalini  Eyes
Wolfsheim - Once  in  a  Lifetime
XPQ21 - Hey  You
And  One - Metalhammer
Eternal  Afflict - San  Diego
Calva  Y  Nada - Rascheln
Depeche  Mode - Walking  In  My  Shoes
Das  Ich - Gottes  Tod
Ascii  Disko - Strassen
Raimondo  P

Frozen  Ducks - Beginnings
Kirlian  Camera - Eclipse
New  Order - This  Time  Of  Night
Esser - Emnity
Gothspel - Doubt  Is  Night  &  Fever  Breaks
Baby  Guns - Betablocker
Sonic  Area - Once  More  Unto  the  Breach  Dear  Friends
Raimondo  P

And  Also  The  Trees - Naitō-­‐Shinjuku
Einstürzende  Neubauten - Yü-­‐Güng